Winter Show Title


Hello everyone!  The title of our winter show has been announced, and we are really excited.  Hopefully you will come see us on the..

Fire and Ice Tour!
Hello WYWE friends, fans, donors, everyone!  We have kicked off the new season in style, playing lots and lots of new music.  In the past few weeks, we have played Thriller, Firework, Dynamite, and the mesmerizing Mystic Dance.  We're sounding great, but can sound even better if we get more members!  Auditions are still being held, contact us for more information.

Play On!
Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, concert-goers, everyone!  The Kimball Theater show was AMAZING with over 225 people in attendance.  We rocked the Kimball to its very core, playing Acclamations, Papa was a Rolling Stone, My Girl, Poker Face, Just Dance, Bad Romance, Eye of the Tiger, You Give Love a Bad Name, Thriller, and Dynamite!  It was a fantastic way to close the 2011-2012 season.

Auditions for our next season will be held June 12 from 5:30-7:30 pm at Berkeley Middle School.  Current WYWE members DO NOT need to re-audition, but we hope they bring a friend to audition and come join the adventure.  We have a list of accepted instruments under the "about us" tab if needed.

Play On!
Hello WYWE friends, fans, musicians, donors, everyone!

We had a great rehearsal, covering all of our selections including My Girl, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Just Dance, Eye of the Tiger, Acclamations, You Give Love a Bad Name, and Thriller!  WYWE will be playing the Kimball Theatre TODAY, so be sure to get your free tickets before the show, as it may go fast! 

See you at 7 PM!

Play On!
Hello WYWE friends, fans, musicians, donors, everyone!  Last night's repertoire featured Just Dance and Bad Romance, as we prepared for our Kimball concert next Saturday, May 5th.  We also worked on My Girl and Ain't Too Proud to Beg.

See you at the Kimball next week, and don't forget to get your FREE tickets at the box office!

Play On!
Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, everyone!  Sorry there have been no updates to the blog, we'd been busy preparing for the performance today at Williamsburg Pottery! 

The performance was certainly an adventure, and WYWE members got to meet Governor McDonnell as he dropped by for the opening.  He said some very inspiring words about what we were doing, and encouraged us to continue to share our talents with the community.  Mr. Collins even gave him a WYWE t-shirt!   "This is a very impressive ensemble, and Virginia needs more teachers like you," Governor McDonnell told Mr. Collins.

Next, it started to rain, but the ensemble rocked out anyway!  We played Acclamations, Poker Face, Dynamite, Papa was a Rolling Stone, and Thriller.  Our music got soaked, and was blowing all over the place, but we wanted to play so much, we stayed!

While this wasn't the adventure we intended, it was a lot of fun playing for the new Williamsburg Pottery, and we hope to play there again... indoors.

Webmaster Note


Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, members, website visitors, everyone...

I noticed a small problem with our website, with small ads randomly popping out on certain pages, underneath underlined words.  Although I think they have all been removed, I am requesting if any more of these are spotted, if you can use the "more" tab to contact the webmaster and let me know.  WYWE did not opt into this annoying ad thing, but it happened anyway...

Play On!

Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, everyone!
We had some very special and amazing guests tonight- the US Army Training and Doctrine Command Band (TRADOC)!  These eleven musicians, consisting of a brass quintet, various wind, percussion, and guitar players played for us and showed how much fun being in the Army can be.  Afterwards, we were able to ask them questions about life in the Army, their music career, and about how they all got started.  Their answer?  In fifth grade band, like all of us!  We also got to play Lady GaGa, The Temptations, and Dynamite with the band, which was the coolest thing ever!

Thank you to all the soldiers for coming out tonight and also for serving our country with their musical talents.

Play On!
Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, everyone!  We had a fantastic rehearsal tonight, with a special guest!

Dr. Bhasin, director of bands at William and Mary, dropped by to share with us some of his wisdom and guest conduct a couple of songs.  He helped us with "My Girl," a new Temptations arrangement, as well as sightread "Man in the Mirror."  He explained to us the best methods to playing pop music on instruments (Listen to it!), breathing techniques, and demonstrated some notes on the trumpet for us.  We had a lot of fun and hope Dr. Bhasin comes back very. very soon.

Play On!

New WYWE Blog!


Hello WYWE fans, friends, musicians, donors, everyone!  We had no rehearsal this week, but we did get a new blog for the new year!  Under the "More" tab, check out the newest addition- "Confessions of a Band Geek!"  We looked around WYWE World Headquarters (Berkeley Middle School) to find somebody who could pass the rigorous test (we had them prove they could turn on a computer) to be our new blogger, and we found them!  Come visit our band geek and see her talk about how awesome school band is.  Hear a billion reasons why you should join band, why the band room is the coolest place to be, and maybe see some funny band jokes.  So why are you still reading Music Notes?  Read 'Confessions' now!